Battlefield 3 – Mission 11 – Kaffarov

The mission starts off with Dima, Kiril, and Vladimir skydiving off of a plane with a

weapons case and land down near Kaffarov’s mansion. A scouting party noticed the weapons

case and stopped to investigate it, unknowing that only a few yards away were trespassers.

You then take out the party and any backup that comes over to help. The player then has to

go through multiple checkpoints, like the guard post and pool house in order to get to

Kaffarov’s mansion.

You are sent through a variety of rooms in search of Kaffarov, listening in on radio

chatter. The player then goes into an underground hideout containing a meeting room, a

shooting range, a vault, and a training room, taking out Kaffarov’s men along the way. The

player will eventually reaches a stairway leading up to a helipad, where Kaffarov’s chopper

is about to take off. The player has to sprint towards the helicopter and jump onto the edge

of it just as it’s starting to lift off. The player will then go in a interactive battle in

which you both fall out the helicopter, conveniently landing through a glass roof and into a

pool. Kaffarov begs for his life, and promises to tell Dima about any information about

Solomon for his freedom, but is knocked out by Dima with a punch to the face.

After the interrogation scene with Blackburn, you scout ahead through the burning pool house

as Blackburn retelling the event. The event shows a knocked out Kaffarov, and Dima holding

what looks to be a MP-443. Dima then explains about how the nuclear WMDs were stolen from

Russia, and that Solomon’s next target is New York. Blackburn’s officer, Cole, attempts to

arrest Dima (and oddly enough you), but the player is then forced to shoot Cole. The

cutscene ends when the scene blacks out, and puts you in the interrogation room.




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