Battlefield 3 – Mission 2 – Operation Swordbreaker

Arrival of the 1st Reconnaisance BattalionEdit

Henry Blackburn, David Montes, and the rest of their squad are travelling in an LAV-25, and, over the radio, are ordered to dismount and locate a squad known to be searching for IEDs. Montes remarks on the state of the area, how “this part of the world get’s fucked up all of the time”, to which a squad-mate replies that he doesn’t know. Blackburn and the squad follow Matkovic into a road-side bazaar, meeting up with Cole, their commander, who is standing beside a map of the area. He gives the squad orders to locate a missing unit that had been investigating a possible IED in the city, telling them to find the squad before the PLR.
Finding the Missing SquadEdit

After their briefing, Blackburn’s squad exits the bazaar, entering a garage. Matkovic kicks open a back door and the squad sprints down an alleyway, regrouping at a door at the end of the alleyway. Another Marine then kicks open that door, before the squad enters the building, with one Marine asking “What is this? A school?”, to which another replies “Oh, that’s right, they don’t have schools where you come from.”

The Marines then climb up a flight of stairs towards the exit, but a low rumble cuts them off, and the windows start to break. One Marine assumes that other Marines in the area were blowing up high-explosive ammo dumps, but another Marine corrects him, saying that the city 90 kilometres away from a fault line that causes regular tremors.

Blackburn’s squad then rallies in an alleyway, closed off by a gateway. The squad takes cover as a PLR technical surges past, not noticing the squad. The unit then crosses a large street, with Blackburn and Matkovic taking a doorway through into a garage. Proceeding towards a car park for a large hotel, the squad are unnerved by the lack of civilians in the area.

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