Battlefield 3 – Mission 3 – Uprising

The mission begins with Blackburn regaining consciousness from underneath a large piece of destroyed road. In front of him, a wounded Marine cries for help, and is answered by Solomon and a PLR insurgent, who drags the soldier away, whilst the soldier continues to scream in pain at the movement. Pushing away chunks of rubble, Blackburn makes his way out of the natural hiding spot that he had been stuck in, and draws his knife.
Retracing steps – towards the hotelEdit

After drawing his knife, Blackburn crawls along a tear in the tarmac, avoiding the torch beams of patrolling PLR soldiers, who are searching the area. During the crawl, a PLR tannoy plays repeating messages, claiming that the PLR would help wounded Americans, and that hiding was considered “an act of agression”. Crawling into a smashed drainage pipe, Blackburn is cut off by a rat, which proceeds to try and bite his finger as Blackburn tries to wave it away. Failing to wave it away, Blackburn stabs the rat behind it’s head.

Exiting the pipe, Blackburn proceeds into a large building, silently opening the door. Spying a PLR insurgent, Black creeps up and stabs the unsuspecting guard, grabbing his AKS-74U afterwards. However, the rest of the PLR inside the building were also alerted to Black’s presence, and a gunfight ensues in the corridor of the building. However, Blackburn wins the fight, and exits the building at the end of the corridor.

Arriving in the parking lot outside the hotel, a V-22 Osprey flies overhead, distracting a PLR squad and allowing Blackburn to move forward carefully, eliminating the squad at the same time. Blackburn then engages a PLR patrol in the parking lot, eliminating them and proceeding into the garage where Chaffin had been shot. However, yet more PLR insurgents have taken up defensive positions inside the building, and Black has to again fight through them

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