COD Modern Warfare 3 – ACT 3 – 1 Gameplay – Stronghold

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Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Character Yuri
Team Task Force 141
Weapons MP5 suppressed w/Red Dot Sight, P99 suppressed w/Tactical Knife
Place Prague, Czech Republic
Date October 12th, 2016 – 22:48:15
Objective Take out the guard by the road without being detected.
Plant C4 under the platform.
Find a way into the castle.
Plant C4 on the bridge.
Time the blast with the sound of thunder,
Find the comm station.
Detonate C4 under the bridge.
Escape the castle.

Enemies Ultranationalists, Inner Circle

The mission begins with the player sneaking around the fortress’s outskirts with Price,

working their way towards the bridge that leads into the fortress, planting C4 along their

way to cover their escape. After crossing the rickety bridge, they breach a wall in a

corridor, timing it with the thunder as so not to alert anyone. The hole in the wall reveals

a narrow, vertical passage with rickety wooden beams in it. The player and Price climb up

until they find a small vent, and overhear a conversation between Alexi and Makarov, which

reveals the Russian President is being interrogated and that Makarov’s men are on their way

to Berlin to capture his daughter . Price and the player then go loud, fighting their way to

the top level and exfiltrating in a jeep, and parachuting off the mountain, to be picked up

by Nikolai in a helicopter.

*In one of the cell areas (in the section where the enemies pop flares to see), one can find

a UMP45 with a MW2 ACOG Sight.
*This is the second mission in which the player will get the caption ‘Objective Failed’

*without the death/failure screen with quote. Failing to time the C4 detonation with sound

of thunder will result in troops rushing in to attack you as well as failing this side

*When destroying any of the black SUV’s with a mini-gun mount, the mount will disappear and

be replaced by a normal SUV wreckage.
*When taking out guard who was sometimes got into lightspot sight range, player must make an

accurate timing for taking out guard because Price must move the corpses into below of the

truck before the lightspot went back to where the guard standing again.
*When destroying the bridge, the player will see that the BTR was stuck at the bridge and

when the player reaches the bridge, the BTR is no longer there. The only possibility is when

the player goes down to the bridge, the BTR falls to the river (this could be a console/pc

variation, the pc version lets you watch the BTR drop through the hole from the explosion).
*It is possible to fail the objective if you kill too many prisoners.
*This is the only level where the PM-9 can be found and used.


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This video is just for fun, and not to share about the skill or intel, its just my uploaded video, and i just wanna share. please don’t be a troll here says something between Battlefield 3 and MW3, just admit that you will play BOTH, like me.

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