COD Modern Warfare 3 – ACT 3 – 4 Gameplay – Dust To Dust

Uploaded by Dewa89s on Nov 16, 2011


Dust to Dust

Captain Price and Yuri, with support from Nikolai, move in to assassinate Makarov in a Dubai
hotel. They begin in bomb squad suits, as Nikolai taps the security feed. The two gun down
various mercenaries assigned to protect Makarov. Working their way up to his location, an
enemy chopper fires on them and destroys their armor. Informed that Makarov is heading for
another helicopter on the roof, Price and Yuri are given a few minutes to stop him. They
almost have him, but then the escape helicopter fires on the building, partially collapsing
it and wounding Yuri; a piece of debris going through his abdomen, pinning him to the
ground. Price platforms through the wreckage and finds his nemesis. Jumping from the roof
onto the helicopter, he hijacks it, but as a result of Price’s attack, the co-pilot
inadvertently fires a shot into the controls, causing it to crash. Price awakes to find
Makarov, wounded, climbing out of the helicopter, and the two begin a slow crawl for a
dropped pistol. Makarov regains his composure and steals the gun, but Yuri arrives just in
time and shoots him, wounding him further. However, Makarov kills Yuri in return, and Price
quickly heaves himself off the ground and onto Makarov. After beating up Makarov, Price
wraps a steel cable around his neck, strangles him with it, and finally breaks the glass
roof they are fighting on, causing both of them to fall. Makarov is hung and killed by the
steel cable, while Price survives the fall. Price lights a cigar and watches Makarov’s
hanging corpse while police sirens are heard in the background. It is most likely that Price
was arrested after the credits came up.

Previous level Down the Rabbit Hole
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Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Character Captain Price
Team Task Force 141
Weapons PKP Pecheneg with Red Dot Sight, M4A1 with ACOG
Place Arabian Peninsula, Hotel Oasis
Date January 21, 2017
Objective Kill Makarov
Enemies Inner Circle, Mercenaries


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This video is just for fun, and not to share about the skill or intel, its just my uploaded video, and i just wanna share. please don’t be a troll here says something between Battlefield 3 and MW3, just admit that you will play BOTH, like me.

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