Assassin Creed Revelation



Assassin Creed Revelation 1.01 – Savegame File

browse for Ubisoft game launcher,

if you are updating your ACR to version 1.01
browse in the application data in your system drive, for me
C:\Documents and Settings\Dewa\AppData\Local\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegame_storage\c2tpZHJvdw==\40

if you are still using version 1.00
copy in your game directory, browse for orbit\40\ in your game directory

This save game was played in 2 different version ( completed on version 1.00, then continued the desmond’s journey in the version 1.01. Some people think that their savegame are gone after updating, but in fact it’s only different savegame file location. the only thing that not working is the achievement, my achievement progress mostly gone event i get 100% sync. that is the ubisoft bug, not the savegame )

Enjoy the savegame, and enjoy the money ( the only thing that can be hacked with cheat engine is the bank amount and maximum bank deposit, don’t try to hack your current money by tracking it’s value, just search for bank value to get result )

for game download visit

Rar Password –


for savegame





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