The Elder Scrolls SKYRIM Complete NPC ID [DPSP89]

var z_t = ‘pa’; var exclude_domains = [‘’,]; var z_vid = 7891213; var z_id = 30472;


This game has console operation that can spawn specific NPC or MONSTER in your current place or other NPC place, the only one you need is press the “~” key from your keyboard and start typing the PLAYER.PLACEATME XXXXXX where x is the number base ID for the NPC, but before you do anything stupid I suggest that you don’t try this code with UNIQUE NPC ( NPC that are named unique or important ) so i suggest for your safety just spawn the monster or any guard, that will be no problem, if you accidentaly spawn the unique NPC just mark him with the mouse and type the MARKFORDELETE for that NPC,

The COMPLETE GUIDE will be at for complete console command

Thats for your fun,  this is the complete NPC LIST if you want to make your skyrim world more complex. if you add some guard or enemies in the some area , he or she will not deleted until you kill him, so it is really fun. even you can add dragon priest battling with wispmother in the water. Wanna See GIANT VS DWARVEN CENTURION, this is what you need.


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