Battlefield 3 – Mission 6 – Comrades [ Part 2 ]

The GRU agents begin by infiltrating the PLR staging area for the gas attack, the Paris Stock Exchange. The three—Dima, Kiril, and Vladimir — make their way through the parking garage of the building, at first attempting a silent entry, but quickly losing the initiative and going loud. Once inside, the three move and clear various offices and rooms, killing all of the PLR insurgents to be found. As they move, they try to stay within range of Dima’s jammer, which would preven the nuclear weapon from detonating. However, as they find the bomb carrier, the man flees, and subsequently begins the gas attack, prompting the GRU agents (and any PLR insurgents remaining) to put on the gas masks they had brought along. The gas begins to seep in through the walls, and very quickly kills anybody who does not have a gas mask. The GRU agents continue to move and pursue the bomb carrier, when they come across a PLR assault on the police who had taken up a position outside the Stock Exchange. Initially the GRU agents wait, believing the police would drive the carrier back towards them. However, as Dima attempts to apprehend the carrier, he turns again and successfully darts through the police blockade, leaving the GRU agents and the remaining PLR insurgents to contend with the Gendarmerie. Dima and the others attempt to move quickly through the wreckage and abandoned cars where the police are taking cover. They engage and kill any of the police who stand in their way, including several  …


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